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Business Systems

We understand that most companies have made significant investment in their existing business software and when looking to create an end-to-end system are looking for a simple solution that will integrate these systems without compromising their business processes.

Bespoke Development

We also understand that every business is different and trying to align your business systems to your specific business processes using off-the-shelf software can be difficult, expensive and ultimately doesn't deliver.

We see a number of ill fitting off-the-shelf customisations that haven't delivered on what was originally promised. Through bespoke development we can help deliver software which maps exactly to your business and processes. No compromises, no workarounds only a solution which seamlessly meets your requirements whilst maximising your company's investment in existing ERP systems.

We also understand that off-the-shelf packages rely on selling expensive seat licenses to extend the use of these systems, the cost of which can prove prohibitive. By creating a bespoke system we can develop a tailor-made solution that allows unlimted numbers of users without the need to buy any additional licenses.

System Integration

We have significant experience integrating with a number of ERP systems - Sage, Agresso/Unit4, Censhare, Braintree and Recurly to name a few.

Cloud Development

We have extensive cloud development and hosting knowledge particularly with Microsoft's best in class Azure platform.

R&D Tax Relief

As part of our service we can help you reclaim as much as 33% of your development costs under the Government's Research and Development tax relief scheme which is intended to incentivise companies to undertake R&D activities and promote innovation.

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Whether you want to replace ageing legacy software, create a new business process or looking to extend the functionality and scope of your existing systems, without the need for further expensive seat licensing, we can help.

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