Who We Are?

At the core of Red Owl is an experienced team of software professionals, seasoned developers and agile practioners who between them have worked on projects ranging from the very small to enterprise level, having worked across a number of different companies from start ups, in-house development teams, consultancies to Fortune 100.

We have a great knowledge of latest technologies, trends and the direction of software development for business, so we are able to offer you the most relevant solutions.

What We Do

We are not just developers but experts in delivering software projects on time, to budget and the highest professional standards. We work alongside your team drawing on their business knowledge to help structure teams and suggest processes which proven we know deliver.

Flexible Resourcing

We can offer flexibile resourcing on all projects and able to grow and shrink the development team as required. Need a project delivered fast; we can quickly assemble the right number and type of resources. Have a limited budget and not under time constraints, we can put together a smaller team to deliver over a longer time period, while continually delivering and adding value to your business.

Competitive Pricing

By taking advantage of the latest communication tools we are able to run a virtual office which means we have minimal overheads; savings we are able to pass on to our customers.

Industry Experts

Running virtual teams means we are not constrained by location when it comes to recruitment and therefore able to hire the very best people in their field. We provide our customers with access to recognised industry experts and their skillsets regardless of your location.

Having a team of highly skilled experts on board also helps us efficiently deliver software projects, we know exactly what's required, how to do it and the right technology so your project budget is used as efficiently as possible, again delivering real cost savings for our customers.

How We Work

We like to work alongside your team and supplement your existing business knowledge and skills with our experience in delivering successful software projects. We believe that you should lead the project and that your ideas and requirements should come first and we are here to support you in your business aims and goals.

We will assign a technical project manager to represent Red Owl, who will be happy to travel to your offices and always be available to discuss your project.

Our Mission is to not only deliver great working software on time and to budget but help your team learn from the experience of working with us, and teach them skills so that they can forward into their next project.